Popular Challenges Written Down An Investigation Report

Lipiec 21st, 2016

” One Of The Most Complete Article Marketing Software Accessible” Article Marketing Prepare posts one in assignments that are greater or by one. Contains spell Autosave, check and Straightforward Move. Effortlessly save as you are taking care of them and store work. Here is the excellent article writer on your own article promotion attempts or for ghostwriting SEO content for consumers. Report Spinning Prep and spin infinite posts. Works with almost all article that is exterior spinner submission services. Several user defined factors that will assist one to develop special information that was unrestricted from single report. Post Rewriting One paragraph at any given time, edit posts.

No fooling here, rate to vacation up their adversaries is relied largely on by energy people.

Take advantage of the PLR content with this feature. Contains spellcheck for professional effects. Discuss your rewritten articles with the rest of the program for information that is unique that is extra. Multiple Unique Article Joining Mesh multiple articles into an unrestricted number of distinctive content. Perfect essay writers for Web 2.0 Advertising. This feature is generally unavailable in another article marketing software however it is in generating distinctive material extremely potent.

Detailed vs. Narrative Essay Writing

Lipiec 13th, 2016

Engineering writing prompts for teenagers Hate it or enjoy it, modern tools will be here to keep. For teenagers may help your center and kids this pair of engineering publishing requires, think about tactics technology effects our lives. Imagine if they had to do without system or a beloved unit? What if they held your own robot? How about wearable technology? Request your teens to choose from these requests and discover the possibilities! Computer Ridiculous Consider one form of #8217 & engineering you’ll be able to. Could it be television? Your smartphone or iPad?

Here’s players’ four popular types : handle players.

Create an essay describing why you’ re so-crazy about that technology, and tell if it were recinded for a week what you would do in its spot. Past Potential Suppose you has transported back to traditional time or a youthful world. You discover a move of ducttape, some string, a pocketknife, and three contemporary technical devices. Where are you? What is the period of time? What technology gadgets have been in your backpack? Produce about how you endure for twenty four hours with the help of those items a journal or newspaper entry you’ve on hand. Team Software Your dad has presented you an Anti-Sluggish (“ #8221 & AL;) Robot on your birthday. Forget sitting to the sofa when you purchase your software around: if you do AL only works,!

For example, let us say you spend $100.00 per week on groceries, for a total of $400.00 per month.

For a break, the robot shuts down. If you take effect again, it powers backup. AL might help you with just about anything, nevertheless it cannot do items for you personally. Like, it might ’t do most of the recipes, but it can enable you to dry or fit them away. It acquired’t do your homework, but it can help you figure a hard math problem out. Think of three jobs or jobs you along with your robot could team up on. Illustrate how you will work together and what you each will do to perform these three research paper writer tasks. Techwear Wearable technology, once the stuff of spy videos that are aged, is rapidly stepping into the 21stcentury. Buyers can buy wristbands that count steps and monitor sleeping, shoes that monitor fitness, watches that increase as telephones, and wise eyeglasses that be a PC nowadays.

Generally, issues keep as even as possible.

Imagine that you have invented an exciting new merchandise of technology that is wearable. Produce a convincing article where you identify this merchandise and influence it to be bought by visitors. Be sure to check back weekly. Once a month, we include of requests specifically for teenagers a pair. Don&# 8217;t Neglect This! Welcome to Our Website Hi, I’m Ellie! We love striking and equipping one to teach if it seems like an uphill battle writing, even. Our fellow allies and I invite you to stick around the website, where you’ll find teaching guidelines, writing actions, and hope for writers that are hesitant. Research Never Miss an Article!

Ad part 2 of 3: developing the skills training consistently.

Creating merchandise previews, special deals, recommendations, and more! Topics & Categories Topics & Types Recent Threads Contact WriteShop Links In the Website

Rumunia 2016 – Transylwania

Lipiec 12th, 2016

Nie zdążyliśmy ochłonąć po kolejnej edycji Warsztatów Go’Hearts i super imprezie urodzinowej Kryspina (wpis po powrocie z wakacji), a już przyszło nam pakować się i wyruszać w drogę. Tym razem trochę bliżej, po raz pierwszy więc z dreszczem ekscytacji przed nieznanym …do Rumunii.

Jesteśmy tu zaledwie 5 dni, a zdążyliśmy zobaczyć wiele pięknych i wyjątkowych miejsc.


W drodze…Słowacja/ Rumunia.

Pierwszy przystanek: przełom Dunaju i super szybka wycieczka motorówą :)






Mijamy wioski i miasteczka…


i docieramy do przepięknej i zapierającej dech w piersiach Trasy Transfogarskiej, którą przedarliśmy się na drugą stronę gór.








aby spocząć na kilka dni w  Sybinie

i pospacerować jego klimatycznymi uliczkami P1260090





pobawić  się na miejscowym festynie OBARFEST:




pokibicować Teamowi CCC Polkowice podczas finału tutejszego wyścigu kolarskiego:



wiwatować na ich cześć kiedy wchodzą na najwyższy stopień podium


P1260777i pobawić się.

W między czasie

Zwiedziliśmy futurystycznie „urządzoną” kopalnię Soli w Turdzie,



13 pięter w dół schodami, w górę przeszkloną windą…

a na miejscu przejażdżka na młyńskim kole!




Zwiedziliśmy Sigishoarę, w której podobno przyszedł na świat Vlad Palownik






I Brasov:P1260769





Romantyczne i nastrojowe spacery i tak zawsze kończą się szaleństwem 😉



How to Perform A Bibliography to get a Research-Paper

Czerwiec 27th, 2016

7 Best Places to Seek Out/Retain a WordPress Creator Table of Contents Even when we’ve a large number of WordPress jacks and designs by the bucket load, we generally look after ones that are distinctive. In starting, we desire to focus on free subjects. After which we soon a-day come once we all begin looking for distinctive alternatives and continue towards advanced people. To full-fill that want we haveto choose a builder that is skilled. Here helpful information employing which you could study where you should find and hire WordPress programmer being shared by Im. Prior to starting using the record, right you need to be alert to a great deal of factors. The creator youre choosing must be professional at his function. He shouldnt be sluggish and produce focus on period.

You’ll be happy to obtain an exercise on his return if you provide your opponent an easy offer.

You should check reviews completed by clients that are past /buyers of that developer. You talk and might also find to these clients right about their experience. Additionally dont neglect to examine characteristics and pricing being offer on a scale. You need to maintain all these things in thought before making the last shift. Where you should Discover and Employ WordPress Developer? In addition you could have consider choosing an organization that is skilled and regarded while in the field of WordPress improvement. But thats likely to set you back a great deal when compared to individual individuals who’re supplying their services. This is the vital and first purpose an individual should be hired by you.

This person is usually rather aggressive, focusing on regularity and topspin.

The sources Im incorporating along below might help you find both people or agencies to truly get your work accomplished appropriately. Just begin visiting sites Im record down here (making use of their particulars off course), and you can uncover hundreds or at least hundreds of WordPress programmers offering their experience in a bundle. There’s often an alternative to get a bargain but dont shed the correct individual. Toptalas explained on the site they just acknowledge the top 3% of designer by which they prescreen. Display and t desire to research hundredsof newcomer builders over a marketplace like Freelancer if you’d like # 8217, upworkand so on subsequently Toptalis of best recommendation. There as been bragging reviews from companiesthat as had an incredibleexperience. In addition they provide you with a riskfree demo in which you merely pay once you’re happy. I need one to move and check them they are as so many more and been presented inside the Inc magazine, Fox News and reliable.

The chop swing is if the underside of the basketball is cut during its ancestry.

Highlights: Large-qualitywork guaranteed Time spend finding expertise that is good Employed and respected by big firms WPMU DEV Market Being a huge fan of WPMU DEV device, I finally advise you to attempt their Job Market (an internet Career Board). There’s on paper that they got premium programmers who are all qualified and pro at what they are purported to do, no doubt. You are able to simply put in your exclusive task or look out of others currently accessible (if matches together with your requirements) and continue accordingly. Only be sure that you’re ready to pay a price that is good for the kind of work youre searching for. Upwork(previously oDesk) As it had existed since years, you must have heard about this portal earlier. It got report on thousands of programmers who are prepared to work on whichever project you throw towards them and made up of simple and very stylish looking web program. As it had not been unavailable for several years, therefore it got quite a common sense of confidence among customers.

Alternating your photos could keep them from getting comfortable.

Locating a better person to utilize isnt that tricky and reviews and rating system are going to help more during the filter process. It operates primarily such as the Freelancer site following a same bidding procedure. It gives a great deal of filters that can outrace task or any fake report from finding shown which saves a great deal of time-on both sides. Elance is another expert out within this niche where you could discover hundreds of initiatives pending live for the bidding so when per your requirements, you will find similar amounts (much more) of programmers free and willing to act as per your requirements. Simply be sure that you put in needs pretty obvious and use every filtering before finalizing, made available from Elance. It even facilitates a lot of cost gateways that are different along with additional websites like escrow to be certain of one’s payment security. Smashing Jobs The key spotlight of Striking Careers is the fact that they offer phone call assistance (along side typical ones) through the entire week without any individual second neglect. It contains a straightforward seeking user-interface where you can off-course locate what youre searching for. And so they could be simply blocked out for maximum better suits.

Test carrying this out with your forehand and strike.

Having its full-time essay writer money-back guarantee, it generates a feeling of trust quickly. Support workforce and then you definitely can retain a glance towards the position, if your task is done constant. If you truly follow the only developers of WordPress platform, then wonders will be brought by this web-portal in your case. Additionally, you truly want an excellent bring about return and if money isnt the event subsequently use Signal Poet because it got the worlds many skilled WordPress developers available. You can think being an official website motivated and preserved by WordPress crew of it and therefore you’re able to simply envision quality’s sort it could produce. But provided that youre able to purchase their price that is high. Finding a reliable one isnt a difficult difficulty below before even getting stated as they are handed through a large amount of filters. Freelancer.com Where you submit a job here-you get thousands of programmer reviewing your job hours.

No participant must have an edge on the other.

But be warned you do have until you can find somebody good enough to flitter out lots of unqualified programmers. #8217 & I;m not declaring that they’re all bad-but from knowledge were merely unable to do careers that are simple. It matches the label itself. You can find thousands of jobs being readily available for any other freelancer trying to offer his/her experience on the internet and builders. Inversely you can also post job prerequisite (or task needs directly) and begin looking forward to biddings by different programmers available in the community. It got user friendly user interface throughout differing groups and the full site and choices to help both programmers research factors and people they’re trying to find. Assignments are divided into types and Im confident your expertise with Freelancer.com will probably be super brilliant. It’d been offering the internet and you can actually uncover its regional website for the country specifically.

Another symptom which is present in patients is apraxia.

Therefore, it can help finding individuals from your country itself as opposed to trying to find types that are offshore. Programmer and every client are increasingly being examined that will enable you to select the greatest one-out of each and every bet you received. And this is performed from my part. I really hope I made myself fairly obvious as well as you were helped by the guidebook within the useful world. While you just discovered a concealed treasure I will already sense a at your end. Today you dont need to spend your time in imagining the positioning, only prepare on how best to continue. Want you all the chance! Were you helped by this informative article? (1 votes, regular: 5.00 out-of 5)

How-to Compose a Research Query for Research Reports

Czerwiec 17th, 2016

Several Children Made a Fake’Tinder for Combating’ App Rumblr, the „Tinder for fighting,” guarantees to bring fight club straight to your screen that is smartphone. If the software was because of release at 5pm EST Sunday (3.30am IST Monday), its pioneers assured it would enable people plan consensual, leisurely battles with regional strangers free of charge. The software has been covered by the kind of Opportunity Beat, Organization Core and Ny publication. The New York Daily News claimed Saturday that private investors were lining up-to account it. Thereis only 1 challenge using the Rumblr nonsense: There’s no approach the application is actual. In fact, it appears not a lot more unlikely that individuals are being trolled by a few teenagers that are bright. Let’s start with the software’s most clear difficulty: its legality that is doubtful. ” ” is based in New York, where streetfighting might be tried at the very least – as conduct. Notice, New York essay writer state law clearly permits certain varieties of organised, consensual – as in karate or boxing. Which means that, your opponent is slain in some freak collision as well as if you’re in a higher school wrestling event, you’re not criminally responsible for that.

Along with position, they have equipment that is diverse sometimes, too.

And you fight them back and if somebody smashes into your home, you are also not accountable for their injuries: You can maintain self-defence. But numerous legal attorneys employed by The Washington Post say that isn’t the case when it comes to neighborhood fights law n’t in Nyc, that arenot recognised by-law. If you should be ” tossing ” injure your foe and critically – or he dies – you cannot claim self-defence and you could possibly be charged with crimes ranging to murder from misdemeanour assault. In that predicament, Rumblr also might be criminally liable, stated Chris Tilem, a Fresh York- based lawyer and former da while in the Ny district attorney’s workplace. If the builders of Rumblr are located to get inspired or helped a, they may be guilty of criminal facilitation inside the fourth-degree – aclass A misdemeanour. They might certainly be prosecuted in civil courtroom their families or by wounded customers. „Under New York State law, it’s excessively challenging,” Tilem stated. Quite simply, itis unlikely that anybody would line up to invest in such an software, even though two start up sorts were oblivious enough to generate it. Talking about startup kinds, a few doubts are raised themselves by the set behind Rumblr.

You are going to eventually obtain it.

Getrumblr.com is documented a skinny National Merit Student whose LinkedIn report identifies him like a senior at Stanford, to Jack Kim. Matt Henderson owns an online marketing organization that is nascent it has ostensibly signed several extravagant and termed amp Juhasz &; Acquaintances -sounding Coursera courses since graduating from senior schoolve weeks ago. Both identify themselves as „ongoing leisurely fighters,” which – provided their ages and bodies (!) – seems improbable. Henderson and Ellie, alas, wouldn’t examine these issues with All The Post. Within an email, they insisted that the application was real and could be provided on schedule, at 5pm. Nonetheless, it is Wednesday currently, along with the couple has not yet accomplished so – atleast for iOS. The web site says, ” like a beta net request, Rumblr will be introduced Because Of heavy desire.” A phony Web app, manned by robots, is found at app.getrumblr.com. Our bet?

The provide changes attributes every two items.

Rumblr is actually a marketing stop, a joke or (best case!) an unsubtle parody. A part of me is worried it will turn-out to not be unreal, obviously. Not for my welfare, but for humankindis. Obtain the Devices 360 app for Android and iOS to keep uptodate with the newest tech news, product reviews, and exclusive offers around the preferred phones.

Figure Reference Characters for Court Appearances

Czerwiec 9th, 2016

Change Article Just how to Move a Maths Examination Have you been concerned about declining your GCSE examination, or is a high rank being aimed for by you? Continue reading for a few guidelines that may ideally help the test is passed by you with benefits that are amazing! Advertising Measures Part 1 of 2: Preparing for your test Change. There are various websites and revision books giving distinct guidelines about everything you will come across while in the test. Practice questions are generally included by these; often supply a spin through your reports to these. Advertisement Create a study schedule. Set for once you may study and have pauses. As an example you could have a 15-minute break after understanding for 45 minutes, however you may still manage research situations oneself. Avoid anything which distracts you from understanding, for example computer, your Television, iPod. After you’ve accomplished your version for the day, however you can however utilize these specific things as rewards.

For example, let us say you spend $100.00 per week on groceries, for a total of $400.00 per month.

Do some reports that are past once you’ve revised anything. These may help you get used to exam papers’ layout and you’ll determine what the queries are like while in the assessment. Receive plenty of sleep the night time prior to the assessment, a minimum of 8 hours. You will accomplish far better after having a goodnight’s sleeping. When you could work greater feeling perfectly complete eating a filling and healthier breakfast in the morning may help. Advertising Part 2 of 2: Through The test Bring all of your materials. Many test forums require you to possess plastic pencil, a black pen, ruler and compass. You desire a calculator if youare carrying out a calculator paper, and searching paper may not be unnecessary for issues about shifts. Follow all guidelines written by the invigilator, and read the info published to the first site of the test document carefully.

They could place the basketball perfectly and clearly understand spin.

Do not forget to write down customer quantity your title and centre number before you begin! If you begin work through every one of the concerns that you could remedy. Once you’ve been through the whole paper, examine anything again and try and work with questions you could not answer through the first-run. Be sure to present your working; you’ll get more markings when you do that to lots. Sometimes in case you get an answer improper, appropriate working can nevertheless earn marks to you. Examine your answers, when you have anytime remaining. Since it may mean the distinction between a pass or perhaps a crash this can be extremely important!

Money is always tight, and there is always another bill i can put that money toward.

Ad Your aid could be definitely used by us! Can you reveal about Managing Negative Emotions? Yes No Managing Emotions that are Negative Different approaches for getting through times that are difficult Can you tell us about Torrents? Yes No Torrents How-to get a torrent on Mac with uTorrent Can you tell us about Holiday projects? Yes No Vacation projects Making snow Can you reveal about Interactions? Yes No Interactions HOWTO perform with mind games For assisting, thanks! Please reveal all you find out about…

Test carrying this out with your forehand and strike.

Tell all you understand below to us. Remember, more detail is way better. Tips Provide Particulars. Please be as detailed that you can within your clarification. Do not be concerned about format! We will care for it. As an example: Do not say: Eat fats. Do say: Increase fats with some vitamins and minerals towards the foods you presently consume. Try butter, olive oil, avocado, and mayonnaise.

There is also a deeper level of commitment to the process if you have another person involved.

Submit Recommendations Compose your responses and performing perfectly. The investigators won’t be able to tag solutions they can not read. Try your hardest to write neatly, even though you have difficulty doing so. Take note this likewise applies to graphs diagrams and charts. Be sure that your calculator is usually when you’re tackling trigonometry concerns, you will not obtain the appropriate reply. Some GCSE maths examinations incorporate concerns designated having an asterisk (*). These queries additionally judge your communication, which fundamentally implies how clear your performing is’ grade. Be cautious when addressing these, and present your operating as obviously as you can.

Alternating your photos could keep them from getting comfortable.

And that means you fully understand what it really is asking you todo examine each question several times. Answer the queries at a price that is continuous. You may not get many scars by losing an hour to the first several inquiries and making errors by rushing through the others. While performing substantial measurements while in the examination, it’s recommended to accomplish the formula in specific phases as opposed to all at one time; you will end up less likely to want to make mistakes which could cause you to get rid of markings. Likewise write each phase of the computation once you try this, for displaying your working even if you do produce a mistake when you can nonetheless generate marks down. If your calculator doesn’t always have a pi switch, use the subsequent prices for pi: 3.14 (AQA and WJEC) 3.142 (Edexcel and OCR) If water-bottles are authorized within the examination hall, consider one with you if it helps your attention. Make an informed guess even though you don’t know how-to answer comprehensively the question. Departing the answer field blank may assure zero markings, while your guess may prove to not be incorrect and you will get yourself a draw.

Whether your favorites are his favorites isnв’t the point, anyway.

Check in case your responses are affordable. If you end up getting uncommon answers such as 20,000 measures (65,616.8ft) for that dimension of the bedroom or even a bearing of 900 levels, you are more likely to have created a mistake somewhere. Alerts Never try research paper writer to cheat on the quiz. In case you are caught cheating on any GCSE exam, you’ll get zero markings for your exam you tried to cheat on, and your entire GCSE results is going to be discarded. Don’t modify a lot of around the evening of the quiz. Intense studying, in conjunction with pre- test nerves, will tire out you and you also might not perform also in the assessment as a result. Do not rush.

As you play your opposition, you’ll be ready to get a read on what sort of participant they are.

Misread inquiries and clumsy errors are often of hurrying a result, and you will be cost useful scars by them. Do not have any while in the assessment space of the subsequent objects on you not or whether you intend to make use of them: cell phones, iPods, tops or cameras. You risk receiving zero marks your GCSEs for all if you have some of these objects you. Don’t publish on bare websites formulation blankets or even the right-hand line of every site. You won’t get markings for anything you produce below. Likewise, never write-in any barcodes as this may interfere with scanning processes that are necessary for marking your examination produced on your paper. When you’re undertaking constructions while in the exam, don’t stroke your design traces out; removing these lines can cause you to lose marks. Do not occur delayed, or you may not be able to sit the test! Things You Will Need Research products Revision research material that is online or manual Report and pencil/pen (to take notes and undertaking practice questions in your version manual) Assessment components Dark pencil HB pencil Rubber Leader Protractor Compass Calculator (if required) Tracing paper

How to Perform A Bibliography to get a Research-Paper

Czerwiec 6th, 2016

Technical Manual to Android Deep Linking: Google Using Play Referrer for Deep Linking One deeplinking technique is to get a market use case where the software is not mounted. Because the programmer, you’ve the choice to move through the Google store that’s then obtained in your app in a customized parameter after it opens for that first-time. This system lets you learn where this individual that is new originated from in the event you handle this parameter appropriately, and you can develop custom landing pages or deep link through the install process. Requirements for Android Deploy Referrer App must not be installed Cannot be combined with intents that are Chrome as you have to design the Play Retailer URL Making the Android Install Referrer In order to configure your software to get referrer is installed by the Android, you must enroll your request. Put the following inbetween the tickets in your express. Io.branch.testbed.InstallListener is the name of the custom category that can research paper writer receive the broadcasts. This is a basic subclass of BroadcastReceiver. Heres the code that youll requirement for this course: Recommended for You Webcast: The Lead Scoring Picture: Conduct Demographics Buyers Handling within the Application As defined above, managing the objective once youve constructed your BroadcastReceiver is easy!

This will spin the baseball, slow down it, and throw it on the new flight.

To handling the URI structure Its an incredibly similar device intents. But it happens from within the call that is onReceive. You can observe an example below: Realistic use for Google Referrer As a way to properly use this process, you should have the capacity to manage the hyperlink towards the Play Shop that the individual interacts with. Lets state our application bundle name is io.branch.testbed, then we all know that Play may be opened with either of the following: Marketplace:// details?id=io.branch.testbed https://play.google.com/store/apps/facts?id=io.branch.testbed Youll basically have to append &referrer=specialparam to either of these links, to add a referrer. To achieve this, youll must handle the hyperlink itself. Notice: because you can have seen studying the Opera intent part, you have no control on the Play Store link, meaning that you’ll unable to power this technique. As a way to control the parameter, wed advise that you simply upload it within the client side JS defined in the URI method. Heres a snippet of rule that shows how the referrer is added after wanting to open the software to the market link fallback purpose that’s accomplished: Summary We have it if your eyes are glazing over while reading this. Its incredibly complex and there are border cases everywhere. If you utilize Branchs device, you will be comfortable that the links can merely perform everywhere.

Research Topics for Middle School

Czerwiec 1st, 2016

For instance: (2nd Person) „A horse was planning to step to seize it, nevertheless the lion resolved he wished it more.” What happens next? Improvisation and Skits for Theater Arts Exciting to Teach Discussion, Piece, and Heroes This can be a popular theatre arts sport. The youngsters constitute the (imaginary) setting along with the dialog and act out a scene. Examine a Different Book Aloud to show Storytelling Skills Encourage considering up rational and crazy ideas, alike. Offer lots of types of document, stickers, stuff, or whatever there’s athand. Play a Inventing Recreation To Master Identity Abilities The primary individual gives the individual a („He’s a boy.”) and each pupil or convert provides another description („He’s violet hair.”) essay writers Carry on for a while until a persona advances. For more suggestions, observe Alternatives for the Word „Explained”, Teach Writing Without Handwriting and Acquiring Children Writing Published. There are many methods to utilize publishing ideas without any writing to help run narrative suggestions, invent figures for reports, and constitute configurations where superb imaginary factors sometimes happens.

Zimowo-wiosenna kumulacja…Kryspin zostaje blogerem ;)

Maj 14th, 2016

Kryspin rośnie, a czas zdaje się jeszcze bardziej przyspiesza :) Zima nie rozpieszczała nas w tym roku śniegiem, ale udało się kilka razy ulepić bałwana i pozjeżdżać na sankach. Wiosna jest za to  wyjątkowo wiosenna, jest i słońce i deszcz :)… Kryspin myśli już o wakacjach i swoich 6-tych urodzinach, do których odlicza dni. Na szczęście przyszły rok szkolny spędzi jeszcze w przedszkolu, z którego bywa, że ciężko go wyciągnąć!


– Kryspinku, a o kim powiedziano „Wstrzymał Słońce, ruszył Ziemię, polskie go wydało plemię”?

Kryspin bez chwili namysłu:

– O tacie.



Mama do Kryspina:

– Byłeś grzeczny?


– Tak. Tylko trzy razy miałem karę: raz stałem pod szafą, raz siedziałem z Marcele, a raz Pani mi dała taką karę, co ja lubię, ale jej nie mówiłem bo by mi zmieniła na coś innego. (rysowanie przy stoliku ;))


Do ulubionych zajęć Kryspina można zaliczyć na tą chwilę oprócz rysowania oczywiście place zabaw, jazdę na rowerze,  liczenie i różnego rodzaju gry. Jest bardzo wymagający wobec siebie, nie lubi przegrywać i pyskuje jak jego mama kiedy była mała :) Osobiście każe mi dopisać, że nie lubi się bawić sam, lubi odwiedziny u swojej przyjaciółki Julki, Minecrafta i zabawy z Tofikiem…I sam dopisuje pozdrowienia :) :









 Rysunki: 1.Bliźnieta syjamskie porwane przez tornado. 2. Składowisko starych aut.


 Walentynki :)


Pożegnanie zimy.


Wizyta pradziadka Lucka.












Pszczyna z Julkami:P1240766










P1250014 P1250036









Park śląski:



Park linowy w Chorzowskim ZOO:



 Przeszkody pokonywane z palcem w nosie…w przenośni i bez 😉




Pierniki z Tofikiem

Listopad 30th, 2015

Jesień w tym roku jest piękna, ale grzybów brak 😉 Mimo kilku wypraw do lasu z dziadkami i przyjaciółką Kryspina – Julką, udało nam się znaleźć tylko trzy grzyby (z tego dwa wyjątkowe okazy). Leśne i parkowe spacery dobrze nam jednak robią bo Kryspin jest w świetnej formie i od września opuścił zaledwie jeden dzień przedszkola.

Odwiedziliśmy Łódź, w której światło zaczarowało całe miasto, zmieniając domy w ruchome obrazy a zwykłe miejsca czyniąc magicznymi. Wzięliśmy udział w obchodach Dnia Niepodległości  i zawitaliśmy w hodowli Jack Russel Terrierów, z której do naszego domu przywieźliśmy nowego członka rodziny – Tofika! Kryspinek jest przeszczęśliwy i dumny :) Lubi przytulać się do swojego pieska, dawać wylizywać swoje uszy i obdarowywać go buziaczkami. A my mamy kolejnego urwisa do wychowania…



Jesienne grzybobranie:



Łódzki Festiwal Światła:





Jesień w parkach:







Ojcowski Park Narodowy:




Dzień Niepodległości w Katowicach:





Nowy członek rodziny – Tofik :)


I jego dumny Pan:




Tradycyjne przygotowania do Świąt rozpoczynamy piernikami:







Skoro pierniki gotowe Mikołaj na pewno się skusi i odwiedzi Kryspina, który samodzielnie napisał do niego list: